Monday, August 17, 2009

mama mama mama

mama had an operation last friday

theres a- about 2cm growth in her pancreas which lead to some sugar level problems.the operation was about 5 hours.and Alhamdulillah, it when well.

mama is still in the hospital now,recovering. at first, she cant really move alot, sebab if she moves, even just a lil bit, saket dekat the area of the cut. kesian tengok mama. she had to take morphin to reduce the pain. jadi drug addict sket.haha.

she still cant eat yet. have been fasting from eating since friday. dah empat hari wey.tak makan, dripping and drinking small amount of water je.

she's better now.

a lot better than yesterday.
she can move around, sit, and even walk already.
happy happy yeay!

oh.thanks to all yang mendoakan mama. thank you very much.
senangsenang, datang la melawat kat ospital.haha.

muahmuah! =3