Tuesday, May 11, 2010


in reply to yunyi's recent blog post.
saja seronokseronok nak reply.

this is my words.
maafkan aku jika aku tersalah bahasa atau fakta.


"but, when you're already in a relationship with him, everything changes.believe me.you'll be like...eh..?where's the guy i know previously?"

how true could this be?

wan setuju dengan apa yang kawan yun cakap.

yes we guys will do anything to get you girls to like us, love us.

sms her every day,
every hour, every minutes.

call just to say "selamat pagi",
just to ask "dah makan?"

pick you up, send you wherever you want,

but yessss.
as time flows by,
things will change.
no more hellos, no more silly sms.

but ntah. as long as there is love, nothing changes.
i repeat, as long as there is love.

afterall, manusia berubah kan?

Friday, May 7, 2010



i am so sorrry for being boring.
its just that im tired.
exhausted maybe.

hehs.been sick for like whatttt a week already?
haha.sorry, saya memang susah nak makan ubat.
apatah lagi berjumpa doktor.
bukan tak suka doktor,
tp tak suka bil yang doktor bagi.

thanks for those panadols.hehe.
who needs a doctor when i have you?